Fix-it Felix Jr.

Fix-it Felix Jr. 1.2

Fix what Ralph destroys


  • Great movie tie-in
  • Gets progressively more challening
  • Great 8bit soundtrack


  • Controls can be frustrating
  • Gameplay is basic and repetitive


Fix-it Felix Jr. is an arcade game that ties in with the movie, Wreck-it Ralph.

Fix-it Felix Jr. is an 8bit styled game that harkens back to classics like Rampage. As Ralph climbs the building, he destroys more and more bits of the building that Felix will have to fix. Simply hop over to the window or door that's broken and hit it with your hammer to fix it. Ralph will try to mess you up by punching bits of brick off the building that can fall on you.

While the gameplay of Fix-it Felix Jr. is basic, it can become quite challenging. In the later levels of Fix-it Felix Jr., flower planter boxes and window shutters are introduced, blocking your path. There are also ducks that fly by the building, which you have to avoid. This makes traversing the levels much more challenging.

The controls in Fix-it Felix Jr. are simple. You have a joystick to move around and a hammer button that's used to fix things in the game. Unfortunately, the joystick in Fix-it Felix Jr. doesn't work very well. On the iPhone, the joystick is too cramped. Instead of dragging your finger, players should treat the joystick as a swipe pad. Swipe in the direction you want Fix-it Felix Jr. to go.

Overall, Fix-it Felix Jr. is a simple and fun game but lacks the depth in gameplay to keep players coming back for more.

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Fix-it Felix Jr.


Fix-it Felix Jr. 1.2

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